INFO2 3.2.8,9 Factors and Consequences of ICT

We’re going to start off the lesson by booking a weekend trip to Paris. Using the websites: tripadvisor,, and flybe, we’re going to get the best flight deal and stay in a good hotel. The aim is to show how ICT has assisted people in getting the best, personalised holiday. Consider:

  • has a reputation of cheap last minute deals. Is this really the case? Look carefully at the times of the flights offered.
  • Is there a ‘sting in the tail’ with flybe’s initial prices quoted on a flight? How many extras are added on by the time one gets to the check out? 
  • What makes a site like Tripadvisor useful? (Ratings of hotels, pictures, videos, reviews, forums.)
  • Compare this experience to booking a holiday through a travel agent.
  • What advantages and disadvantages are there for both of the above ways of booking a holiday?