A2 ICT4 13.1 Organisational Structure

So, back to where we were! We need to start from a point of reference, so lets discuss what an organisation is. Is our school an organisation? What is the goal of our school? What is the structure of it’s management? How does each person fit into this structure? What are our roles? We need to link these ideas to other organisations. Have a look at the worksheet and answer the questions. 

Fatmax has some good reference material. View the powerpoint presentations (Part 1 and 2) from Kesgrave High School and the sound summary notes from North Chadderton High. Its always a good idea to look at past exam questions and answers on this topic. (ICT4 13.1)

With so many useful resources available, students could choose ones which they find most accessible to print off as reference notes, or they should make their own. Either way, hard copies of notes and wordksheets should be kept in a folder.