As the online business world competition hots up, so too does the design of websites. Have a look at some of the latest examples showing what is current on the web for businesses.  A variety of websites are shown every month on .net magazine in their showcase gallery. The websites also indicate how ICT has enabled scope for new business; music technicians, designers and graphic artists are doing well out of work on e-commerce sites.


INFO2 3.2.8,9 Factors and Consequences of ICT

We’re going to start off the lesson by booking a weekend trip to Paris. Using the websites: tripadvisor, lastminute.com, and flybe, we’re going to get the best flight deal and stay in a good hotel. The aim is to show how ICT has assisted people in getting the best, personalised holiday. Consider:

  • Lastminute.com has a reputation of cheap last minute deals. Is this really the case? Look carefully at the times of the flights offered.
  • Is there a ‘sting in the tail’ with flybe’s initial prices quoted on a flight? How many extras are added on by the time one gets to the check out? 
  • What makes a site like Tripadvisor useful? (Ratings of hotels, pictures, videos, reviews, forums.)
  • Compare this experience to booking a holiday through a travel agent.
  • What advantages and disadvantages are there for both of the above ways of booking a holiday?

INFO2 3.2.8,9 Factors and Consequences of ICT

Just a quick comment on your paragraphs on, “The consequences of the use of ICT for the aged and the disabled”; students must be aware that citing ‘teleworking‘ is not enough in your answer. Examples of how teleworking would be of assistance are necessary. e.g. It allows them to work at times of the day when they feel more productive and energetic, and to work from home without the worry of having to consider the difficulties of using public transport, or the high travel costs of commuting. Be aware that answers shouldn’t only consider the positive aspects – negatives should be considered as well. e.g. It might increase the risk of isolation for people who may already need more contact with peers and colleagues.

Here are notes on the cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, legal and social impact of ICT.

INFO2 3.2.8,9 Factors and Consequences of ICT

On Wednesday, students will do a task on e-commerce. This task will increase your understanding of online retail experiences, as well as enable you to see some of its advantages and disadvantages. Have a look at the two videos on my delicious which cover social_effects_ict_ecommerce as well. The fact sheet is due for completion and checking on Friday and the e-commerce task is due in on Monday.

P.S. Congratulations to Shoma! I’ve reproduced his factsheet, with a few tweaks, on ‘The Consequences of the use of ICT in Society’.

Week 6: INFO2 3.2.8,9 Factors and Consequences of ICT

Firstly, well done for the work completed thus far on the wiki. At the start of the week, we’re going to review this topic, highlighting; the consequences of the uses of ICT for Individuals. We’ll use the fact sheet as a basis for our discussions. We’re going to go over the recent test and then complete some paragraph type questions from the topic we’re looking at. Fatmax has a good resource which covers the various ways in which ICT has had an impact on society. There is also a good set of notes from the old specification from North Chadderton.

Week 5: INFO2 3.2.8,9 Factors affecting, and consequences of the use of ICT.

This week we are going to start work on a wiki in order to cover the section, “Factors and Consequences of ICT”. We’re going to build pages covering different yet relevant topics.

A wiki is a tool for creating and editing documents by a group of people working online. Wiki users can add, edit and delete content on individual pages, and add new pages to the wiki. Wiki users act collaboratively to create and amend the content. Wikis are being used for a variety of purposes; the best known wiki is Wikipedia.  A wiki page can be edited by only one person at a time. This is something to bear in mind as you plan your collaborative work. However, you can divide up the work and address individual pages separately. You can edit each others pages, but bear in mind that it’s only polite to indicate, or ask if you intend to do so. Anything I’ve done so far can be amended or deleted by the group. I will be checking regularly to see if you are on track though, and covering some useful topics in this section.

The wiki is a tool to assist in the creation of your notes on this topic. Use your textbooks for guidance, but find resources online and from my delicious link “social_effects”. A template has been set up for you, but you should add to, edit and create further pages. Follow the links in the sections below to access an example wiki, the template, and instructions on how to get going.

Example wiki  other education example and template wikis

Our wiki

Wetpaint wiki instructions