3.2.1 An ICT System and its Components

We’ll round off this week by looking at and discussing some video material (BBC purchased clips) on ICT Systems and the Social Effects of ICT. We’ve been given the go ahead to visit shops and banks in central Wolves to see ICT as it is used in business and commerce every day. This short visit will precede the in-depth study we’ll be doing in Paris in February. I’ve included a short worksheet covering this section. Please complete it by Tuesday next week.


Week 7: 3.2.1 An ICT System and its Components

This week we’ll be looking at the following topics:

What is ICT? (The use of technology for the input, storage, processing and transfer of data and the output of information.)
What is a system? (Any system involves input, processing and output.)
What is an ICT system? (ICT systems are those where the output from the system goes directly to a human being or into another ICT system.)
Any ICT system is made up of components. The components are: • people • data • procedures • software • hardware • information. > Notes and an activity to summarise are available here.