3.2.4 Hardware and Software

Today we’re going to spend some time looking at the different hardware and software which allows connectivity – cabled or wireless. Students should look for images to update many of the traditional pictures found. Discussion will include: network nodes, (computers, laptops, pdas, fax, plotter, printer etc.) servers, network cards and adapters, hubs, switches, modems, routers, bridges and repeaters. We’ll also discuss how the terms ‘proxy’ and ‘gateway’ have meaning in a  network.

We’ll have a brief discussion of networking software, and then on Monday take a look at what software our WGS Systems Manager Mr. Hancox has used to set up the network. He can develop a little further what the role and importance of this software is.


Network Construction

Today we’ll start by selecting the link in the previous post, ‘network construction’ and taking the ‘step by step’ approach to building a network. This will aid you in preparing for the main task for today:

  • Print off a copy of the schematic map of Wolverhampton Grammar School. 
  • Put on your coats and walk around the school, noting where and how many computers or ‘nodes’ (including printers and scanners) are in the various buildings or rooms around the campus.
  • Note where the Hubs or Switches are positioned – think of which computers they link up.
  • Using the schematic map, positioned in the centre of an A3 piece of paper, draw and label all the segments of the WGS network.