Unit 1 Spreadsheet Task

We’ll be working through the textbook “Advanced Spreadsheet Projects in Excel” by Mott & Rendell for this Unit. It is Section B on the Unit 1 Paper. Section A is based on content. Once we have worked our way quickly through this book, we will have completed everything which is required to produce the Spreadsheet Evidence.

I’ve added 4 new pieces of guidance and exemplars to the widget to the left  of the blog.

1. Spreadsheet Evidence.

2. Unit1 Exemplar Exam

3. Spreadsheet Guidance 

4. Exam Guidance U1

Please get on with this work now.


Unit2: Task 3 Presentation to an Audience

This week we’re moving onto the ‘Presentation to an Audience’ task for Unit 2. Students will be doing the work as a Powerpoint presentation and not as a webpage. Please follow the A Level calendar for deadlines for completion of this task.

I am currently reconstructing the guidance to the left of this blog entry as I don’t think that the old titles are all too clear. The guidance will be split into EXEMPLARS, which will indicate how the various tasks in Unit 2 should be completed and GUIDANCE, which will show how and where the marks are allocated. The GUIDANCE section will also give a clear indication of what to do and what NOT to do. Some of these are still weighty documents, so have patience when you open them!