Timed Lighting

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We’re almost on our way to Eurodisney. I will be loading a series of photos taken by some of last year’s group of ICT students. Study the task sheet for Disney and consider why these particular photos were taken. See if you can add to this collection when we’re in Disney, and Paris, by illustrating different uses of ICT.

The rest of the photos are on my Flickr link.


Eurodisney Paris

Today we’ll have a quick discussion about our trip to Eurodisney next week. Instructions for the trip are to be found if you search the blog for “Disneyland”. (Formal letters.) You will be given a task sheet as Eurodisney do not do ICT lectures at this time of the year. Have a look at the Cheyenne Hotel where we’ll be staying.


AS ICT, Business Studies, Economics and French trip to Paris

This trip will run from Sunday 1st February until the 4th February 2009, inclusive. Please print off a copy of the letter and sign and return it to Mr Page by Friday 3rd October.

Instructions for the trip are to be found here.