INFO2 3.2.6 Worksheet and Test preparation

Please would students complete this worksheet on Backup and Recovery. You can email the completed task to me.

There will a test on the work we have done so far (All of 3.2.5 Safety and Security of Data) on Thursday 2nd October. Review all notes and resources on this topic. A useful broadsheet on the topic is also available.

Visual outlines can be obtained from the ClickView video Player: Information Technology, “Inside Story: Social and Ethical Issues in IT”, Network Security, Securing the Web. There is also a video clip in the Business section, “So you want to work in an office?” Series 1 – Part 3, on Backups.


INFO2 3.2.6 Backup and recovery

We’re going to spend time on backup procedures for the rest of this week.

The Teach-ICT  website has some good content on this topic. Have a look at the resources on my delicious link as well. Once this is done, use your textbooks and the resources to make an efficient set of notes on this topic.