AS ICT INFO2 3.2.5 Data Protection

Once students have done the extension work on privacy and data mining, they can move on to looking at the legislation regarding privacy, the Data Protection Act. Follow the chapters on this topic on the excellent Teach-ICT website.  MS Word Notes for this section are courtesy of fatmax: Personal Information & the Data Protection ActExtension Work: Look at the first four video entries on regarding Data Protection Case Studies – where security breaches have taken place at high levels.

Post lesson. Students have become really keen on developing their own wordpress blogs, so we’re taking a minor detour from the content. Discussions have centred around creating a blog as part of their Sample Work and the uses of blogs in teaching and learning. We’ll be working on this for the next couple of lessons before coming back to the content here.


Week 1:AS ICT 2008 Intro

Not a very intriguing title, but until our VLE (FrogTeacher) is up and running, I want to communicate with my students, issue lesson plan instructions, and possible links for further reading or development on a topic. Yesterday we started by looking at the new AQA ICT AS Spec (in brief) concentrating on pages 5 – 11, as these are relevant for AS. At the moment, I’m not going to work according to the Scheme of Work suggested by AQA – although useful as a teaching resource, I want to get my students interested in the course. So, we’re starting with 3.2 Unit 2 INFO2.5 Safety and Security of Data in ICT systems: privacy of data in ICT Systems and the legislation to protect data..

Task for students (September 2 and 3) : Social Networking and Privacy, Facing up to Facebook, (view ASICT link ‘Sophos recommended privacy settings for Facebook’ and videos onSocial Networking in Plain English, Employers are Watching, Federal Human Data Mining, Privacy and Social Networks) Consider: Who has access to Data? Are these sites covered by the Data Protection Act?