Delivering notices with FROG

I’m on slightly safer ground with the second part of my blog entry Digital Signage with FROG as I’m a little better with screen shots than with photos. In order for staff to access accurate school notices, our FROG VLE landing page had to contain the same content as the digital signage, and create the opportunity to push messages to them. Here’s the landing page for staff. (Its my page as an administrator, so a ‘user’ staff member would not see the ‘edit’ buttons.)

After some discussion, we’ve decided that this page will open when a staff member selects the IE icon and not when they first login at a networked computer.  We do want staff to use FROG frequently and this should happen when they access the internet. For the moment we’re happy that they access their files through the network drives, rather than through FROG. As we host our own FROG box our ultimate aim is to move everyone to working directly in FROG at all times.

There are two buttons which a teacher can select to push out a message or reminder:


Once a message has been ‘sent’, an RSS feed will deliver the content to all the SLT desktops’. Whichever SLT member receives the notice first can check its accuracy and then clear it for delivery to the digital signage and the VLE pages.


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  1. Must admit, that notification box does seem nice. The current notice board isnt really the best and does look like it had about 1 hour creation time.

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