Kerry Turner

I’m currently Director of ICT at Nottingham High School. I created this teaching blog when I was the Head of ICT at Wolverhampton Grammar School, where I’d been teaching for the past 9 years.

I’ve always been interested in using Web 2.0 for teaching and learning and currently find Twitter very useful for extending my learning with these applications. My username is @4goggas on Twitter, if you’d like to follow what I’m currently doing. I no longer teach A Level ICT, so unfortunately won’t be maintaining this blog. I do find using blogs for teaching extremely useful.

My email address at Nottingham High School is if you’d like to get in touch.

I have written a couple of notes on teaching and learning with Web 2.0.
Blended Learning
Students and Social Networking
What’s so delicious about Delicious? (Read Pages 10 & 11)
Twitter as a VLE?
Engaging teachers in the use of ICT
Rethinking Web 2.0 in the classroom?
Successful use of Web 2.0 in the classroom.

Digital Signage with FROG
Delivering notices with Frog

Twitter – cause for disciplinary action?
10 easy revision activities with Web 2.0
The National Learning Platforms Conference


6 Responses

  1. HI Kerry,
    I’ve very much enjoyed browsing the site. I run the A Level here at Glan Hafren and we are just entering the A2 of the new syllabus. I’ve set up our moodle site and would really like to collaborate resources, ideas etc.

    Hope to hear

    Maura Capone

  2. Hi Maura

    Thanks for the kind words. I probably won’t be maintaining this blog for a while, as I’ve moved schools and am not teaching A Level. If you’re a Moodler, we have an active A Level and Moodle community on Twitter. Are you on Twitter?


  3. Hi Kerry,

    I tripped over your blog while searching for articles on Web 2.0 in secondary ICT education. I’d just like to echo Maura and say that I found your posts and links extremely interesting and useful – so many thanks for making them available. And I hope that the new teaching post is going well!

    PGCE Secondary ICT

  4. Hi Kerry. I love the exemplar work you have on this website. Im new to the course so it will be a big help. However, can you please tell me what grade the work is / was given? Thanks.

  5. It was the exam board exemplar. Not sure what the grade was, but I anticipated that it met with their requirements for a top grade.


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