Coursework and Practical work deadlines

Unit 2 coursework must be handed in to me on or before Friday 8th may. Unit 1 practical work must be handed to me on Monday the 11th May for checking. This means that you have approximately two weeks left in which to complete the work.


Unit 1 Spreadsheet Task

We’ll be working through the textbook “Advanced Spreadsheet Projects in Excel” by Mott & Rendell for this Unit. It is Section B on the Unit 1 Paper. Section A is based on content. Once we have worked our way quickly through this book, we will have completed everything which is required to produce the Spreadsheet Evidence.

I’ve added 4 new pieces of guidance and exemplars to the widget to the left  of the blog.

1. Spreadsheet Evidence.

2. Unit1 Exemplar Exam

3. Spreadsheet Guidance 

4. Exam Guidance U1

Please get on with this work now.


With only a very short lesson this morning, we’ll be doing some necessary housekeeping. We need to finalise the Unit 2 coursework, discuss exam schedules, study leave and possible revision and extra work sessions – as well as introduce the next unit of study – Unit 1.

This unit consists of all the content we covered at the start of the academic year, (with a little more to cover on the theory aligned to databases) and a spreadsheet project. We’ll be covering both of these in the lessons in the next four weeks.


I hope students are enjoying the holiday. The class time for the work on WJEC Unit2 has come to an end, and these projects need to be handed in on the first day back at school in April. This is because we have to start the Spreadsheet work for Unit1. I will post up this guidance in the next couple of days, so that students can gain an idea of what is required. Having done the IAM Intermediate Online Award in Year 10, students don’t need a new course on spreadsheets, but I’m posting a link to a good series of tutorials on the 2007 Excel format.  

I’d like students to go through some of the initial tutorials as refreshers, but to also take a look at the VLOOKUP function, Conditional formatting, and Pivot Tables. This is presuming that students are already familiar and comfortable with Spreadsheet Functions in general.

I hope those of you on the Peru training trip in Scotland will have had an excellent and enjoyable trip!