Mail Merge Macros

Now that we’ve constructed the letter for Task 2 of Unit 2, we’ll practice creating several macros today. Using the exemplar material, we’ll create macros to insert a date, an address, a header image and a signature. A quick start guide as to how to create a macro in Word 2007 is available from the University of Wisconsin, and for an explanation of the VBA coding, is a sound start. I’ve created a short document with code to cover the practice macros we’ll be doing today, and there’s a link to a website which has many other VBA code examples.

Next week we’ll start by creating a customised button to run the “Signature” macro and then create a template of the mail merge letter. Thereafter, everything we’ve done must be written up with screen shots and annotation. Remember NOT to crop your screen shots, as your letter must be seen in the background.


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