Unit2: Task 2

Students are nearing completion of the Automated Document Task. They should look very carefully at the mark and other guidance for this section. The powerpoint explains exactly what evidence is acceptable. It is essential that an advanced feature (reuse of the original template) is also completed.


Half Term

Here’s wishing students an excellent half term break. Have a good rest and be keen and willing to continue to work hard when we get back.

Unit 2: Task 1 & 2

Students are to continue with writing up their automated document task and check with the guidance on Pages 35 – 37  from the IT2 Teacher Portfolio Guide (now called Welsh Store), to be found under Schemes and Guidance to the left of the blog posts.

Mail Merge Macros

Now that we’ve constructed the letter for Task 2 of Unit 2, we’ll practice creating several macros today. Using the exemplar material, we’ll create macros to insert a date, an address, a header image and a signature. A quick start guide as to how to create a macro in Word 2007 is available from the University of Wisconsin, and for an explanation of the VBA coding, Suite101.com is a sound start. I’ve created a short document with code to cover the practice macros we’ll be doing today, and there’s a link to a website which has many other VBA code examples.

Next week we’ll start by creating a customised button to run the “Signature” macro and then create a template of the mail merge letter. Thereafter, everything we’ve done must be written up with screen shots and annotation. Remember NOT to crop your screen shots, as your letter must be seen in the background.

Unit 2: Mail Merge letter.

We are going to start the mail merge letter part of Unit 2 Presentation task today. If you haven’t made it into school, you can still get on with the work. Follow the link on this short tutorial as a start. You can then work on creating a mail merge letter for the topic you have started on the Unit 2 Presentation Project.  

Please bear in mind that you have exemplars to follow, and that your flyer work is yet to be completed. (I have not seen clear annotations, nor designs yet.) Keep up with the weekly targets!