Week 13: 3.2.4 Videos.

I’ve saved a number of videos on this section in my delicious, so in order to access them easily, and in the order in which we cover them in this topic, (Find them under the tag bundle ‘networks’.) I’ve listed them below: (There will be some content overlap between them.)

1. Network basics: hardware including references to NIC, cable, hub. 

2. Several on other hardware: router_modem and a bridge.

3. Topologies. (Which includes reference to cable, or transmission media.)

4. Two separate videos on routing and protocols. (Animated – Warriors of the net)

5. Some cover network software: concept_of_AD&Extranets. (AD is short for Active Directory, a software service which enables the management of identities and relationships in a network.) AD domain software, creating groups & users and add_client. (The quality of the latter are not too good, but they’re still useful.)

6. Intranet_firewalls.

7. There are another few on: internet basics, TCP/IP, email_basics and email_basics2.

8. A number of videos cover VOIP, (Skype) WAP and wi-fi, including its potential dangers.

9. Satellite technology and the Russian answer to GPS.

Notes on this section can be found here, but you will definitely have to add current technology to the content. As you watch the videos, have the notes to hand and underline key words. Add notes and explanation to any topic or area not covered.


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