Week 10: Worksheet feedback & test revision

Students need to be aware that all answers on tests and worksheets should be supported by an ICT example, even if the question doesn’t appear to require one. Question 2 where an ‘output’ was requested, and why an ICT system was required to produce it, wasn’t so well done. Hopefully students now have a good idea of what type of answer is required. In Question 4, students needed to be careful and write full answers. When stating ’employees’ as the ‘people’ part of an ICT system, you must be more precise and give an example such as: Warehouse Distributor, Perishables Manager, and ALWAYS relate your answer to the context of the question. In this instance it required explanation of an ICT system at Asda.

Work for the start of this week will cover Data & Information revision in preparation for the test on Wednesday. Students should use the link on this blog to the AQA past papers, and look at the Mark Schemes on ICT1. All Mark Schemes have the questions listed first and students should find, and then compile a comprehensive list of past questions on the topic of Data & Information.


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