3.2.2 Data and Information

Today I’d like students to spend time on data as IMAGES. Using my delicious, look at the video and internet resources (dated 22nd October) on pixels and bitmaps, rastor and vector images, and jpegs. Review the section from your textbook, (Mott, Leeming & Williams) pages 111-113. Here is a set of notes on data.


Week 8: 3.2.2 Data & Information

This week we’re moving to a new topic; Data and Information. We will

  • Define data.
  • State how data can arise.
  • Study different forms of Data including text, still and moving images, numbers and sound.
  • Discuss the need to code data on collection to enable effective processing.
  • Explore the need to encode data on input to an ICT system.

The Teach-ICT website is a good place to start on this section.

3.2.1 An ICT System and its Components

We’ll round off this week by looking at and discussing some video material (BBC purchased clips) on ICT Systems and the Social Effects of ICT. We’ve been given the go ahead to visit shops and banks in central Wolves to see ICT as it is used in business and commerce every day. This short visit will precede the in-depth study we’ll be doing in Paris in February. I’ve included a short worksheet covering this section. Please complete it by Tuesday next week.

Week 7: 3.2.1 An ICT System and its Components

This week we’ll be looking at the following topics:

What is ICT? (The use of technology for the input, storage, processing and transfer of data and the output of information.)
What is a system? (Any system involves input, processing and output.)
What is an ICT system? (ICT systems are those where the output from the system goes directly to a human being or into another ICT system.)
Any ICT system is made up of components. The components are: • people • data • procedures • software • hardware • information. > Notes and an activity to summarise are available here.


As the online business world competition hots up, so too does the design of websites. Have a look at some of the latest examples showing what is current on the web for businesses.  A variety of websites are shown every month on .net magazine in their showcase gallery. The websites also indicate how ICT has enabled scope for new business; music technicians, designers and graphic artists are doing well out of work on e-commerce sites.

Security and Privacy latest.

Read the article from Sec-ed publication outlining the government’s response to the latest batch of security breaches with regard to sensitive and personal data. The article highlights how this will affect schools.

INFO2 3.2.8,9 Factors and Consequences of ICT

We’re going to start off the lesson by booking a weekend trip to Paris. Using the websites: tripadvisor, lastminute.com, and flybe, we’re going to get the best flight deal and stay in a good hotel. The aim is to show how ICT has assisted people in getting the best, personalised holiday. Consider:

  • Lastminute.com has a reputation of cheap last minute deals. Is this really the case? Look carefully at the times of the flights offered.
  • Is there a ‘sting in the tail’ with flybe’s initial prices quoted on a flight? How many extras are added on by the time one gets to the check out? 
  • What makes a site like Tripadvisor useful? (Ratings of hotels, pictures, videos, reviews, forums.)
  • Compare this experience to booking a holiday through a travel agent.
  • What advantages and disadvantages are there for both of the above ways of booking a holiday?