Week 4: INFO2 3.2.5 Safety and Security of Data

Over this weekend I posted a link to PC Pro magazine on the blog, and on todays delicious bookmark, an article on virus threats – are they real? Students should read the section on Limeware in particular. There are some very good features articles on all aspects of computing and ICT and you should search for other topics using their online search facility. The September issue has a piece on sensitive data being removed from company premises; an interesting news probe. We keep hard copies in the library, as well as .Net and PC Format magazine. At the end of the month, these magazines come into the department, so find them at the back of the classroom and READ.

After an overview of what we’ve covered recently we’re going to ensure that students know how to deal with internal threats to ICT. Students must login to my delicious and select the ‘Security’ tag. The links dated for today (21st Sept) will enable you to create a table where you should list how employees could be lax with IT clerical procedures in an office environment. Your table should show percentages, where possible, and you must consider how a company could deal with these threats. I suggest you start from the bottom of the links and work up to the top one. Students should include: 1. Basic office procedures in IT (including passwords) 2. System access rights 3. File & folder access rights 4. SSL and https 5. Encryption.    



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