Week 3:AS ICT INFO2 3.2.5 Safety and Security of Data

From Monday, we’re going to spend more time looking at threats to ICT systems, including: internal and external threats and malpractice and crime. We’ll expand on the video material given as weekend homework, in discussion. On Tuesday students should write short research notes on a) Different types of virus. b) Is there a difference between ‘hacking’ and ‘cracking’? c) What is a firewall? d) Cookies. e) Disasters. f) Keylogging. g) Phishing. h) Malicious utility downloads and i) Malware. I’ve saved a couple of videos on del.icio.us under the ‘security’ tag on cookies and keyloggers. Why not find more of your own – especially if they help your understanding of these threats?

(Students must recreate the excellent spider diagrams from Stephen Doyle’s Essential ICT for AQA AS, on the different types of personal data which is gathered from individuals, and the factors which can erode personal privacy.) The short revision worksheet which covers some of the work we’ve learnt about recently, should be handed in on Thursday.


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